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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Small Businesses Held Back By Poor Use Of Technology

In a recent survey detailed in, it shows that three quarter of employees working in small businesses are less productive away from their desks.

This is something that we are very aware of in discussions with clients and that is why find cloud based solutions which can increase time efficiency and reduce cost have be to be considered by small business owners.

An extract from the article is shown below:

Employees are embracing mobile working, with 61 per cent saying they sometimes work from home. But a further 22 per cent reveal they want to work from home but don’t have the right technology, and nearly half (44 per cent) of those who do work from home say not having the right technology hampers their productivity.
Working in transit is less popular, with only 40 per cent of respondents doing so, though a further 20 per cent would if they had the right equipment. Of those that do, 40 per cent say they would be more productive in transit if they had access to better technology.
Where implemented effectively, technology is seen as a vital enabler of productivity, especially for a mobile workforce. Respondents felt their productivity had been improved over recent years thanks to smartphones (67 per cent), cloud (59 per cent), tablets (52 per cent), video conferencing (52 per cent), and print management (49 per cent).