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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Government’s Start Up Loan Scheme Reaches £130m

The Government Start UpLoan Scheme has hit a new target – £130 million in funds have now been lent tonew companies. 

Thekey figures of note here are that these loans have created 32,000 new jobssince it was launched in 2012 – and it forms part of the Government’s long termeconomic plan. 

Ifthis is something of interest to you, you can find out more how to get a smallbusiness loans here

Naturally we are are verywell place to help businesses of all sizes but startups in particularare good candidates for services like Xero but they also need proper affordableaccountancy expertise and we think that our entry packages are very well suitedfor this – more of which can be seen here


Xero’s New Dashboard

As you may know we are now offering our Cloud Based Accounting services with the Xero software accounting platform. This is an addition to the Sage platform and we are sure this will be very attractive.

In December Xero passed 400,000 paying customers – a fantastic growth predicated on offering outstanding cloud accounting software.  This coupled with our accounting expertise makes it very attractive to business owners of all sizes – but particularly small and start up businesses.

With that in mind we have seen some recent improvements to the dashboard it Xero and I have highlighted some of the changes which may interest you.

  • They have introduced a new graph which shows your incoming and outgoing cash over the last few months – handy for seeing your historical cash movements at a glance. You can drill into the detail as required.
  • Their invoice and bill graphs will be improved so you’ll be able to see the total amounts for all outstanding invoices rather than just those overdue – the same will apply to bills. The charts are simplified so you can quickly see if there are overdue items at a glance and drill down to see these.
  • They also now enable you to choose what to show on the Dashboard and where those items are positioned. So from now everything can be positioned as you like or optionally hidden if you don’t have a need for a particular item.

If you want to talk about Xero and our combined accountancy and software packages then please give us a call on 020 3199 9057.