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Cloud Based Accounting is the ideal online solution for quick and simple accounts. We specialise in helping and supporting Sole Traders with all your accounting needs; wherever your business is, we are here for you. Our UK qualified team of accountants will ensure your company accounts, cashbook, payroll and other financial functions comply with all regulatory requirements.

  • Full Packages start at £55 (plus VAT) per month that includes the cost of Sage or Xero Cloud software
  • Cashbook only available if required
  • Really simple to use - no accounts experience needed
  • Suitable for Sole Traders with up to 15 employees
  • Year-end accounting and a range of additional services, delivered by UK qualified accountants
  • Anytime, anyplace cloud accounts, cashbook management, invoicing, payroll and bookkeeping
  • Full technical support
  • A no commitment, 30 day free trial

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Sole Traders
"With Cashbook you can manage your cash flow easily"

What you get with Cloud Based Cashbook:

  • Keep track of the money flowing in and out of your business
  • Access to the UK based Cloud Based Accountancy team
  • Simple, jargon-free software that requires no accounting experience or training
  • Summary screen will show an overview of income, expenses and profit
  • Snapshot of the money in your current account
  • Send monthly statements to your customers
  • Accounts, taxation, VAT and personal tax advice
  • Ability to add in payroll services and software

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Getting started

  • Quickly and easily record income as bank or cash transactions
  • Set up recurring expenses
  • View all cashbook entries from one list
  • Easily identify income and expenses and edit these with one click
  • Check the cash flow summary reports based on the date range you enter
  • See a breakdown of the money in the bank by date range

Business Summary

  • The summary screen shows a quick view of sales, expenses and profit for the month and year to date
  • It also gives you a snapshot of your bank balance history so you can monitor your cash flow
  • If you want to see a breakdown of your Profit or Loss you can run a detailed Profit and Loss report from this screen and view it and even save it to send to your bank manager


  • Keep an organised list of all of your contacts
  • Record the contact details of all of your customers and suppliers and view them from one easy list
  • Search for a particular contact and view their details at a glance. You can even store important information about them such as the best time to contact
  • Link your contacts to your other income or other expense transactions


  • Keep track of your bank account activity
  • Using the banking feature allows you to view your bank activity and the movement of cash through your business
  • The cash in hand facility lets you record cash deposits into the bank as you make them
  • If you take drawings from the business, you can record this accurately and easily
“See how your business is really performing!”

What you get with Cloud Based Accounts:

  • Access to the UK based Cloud Based Accountancy team
  • Accounts, taxation, VAT and personal tax advice
  • Inclusive Sage One or Xero cloud based software
  • VAT records, for HMRC submission
  • Online invoice generation, to get paid faster
  • Easy to understand reports and financial documentation
  • Full technical support
  • Ability to add in payroll services and software

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 Sales and invoices

  • Create great looking invoices, with your logos attached
  • Email your invoices direct to your customers, saving time and money
  • Track payments against invoices and record any credit notes you issue
  • Select from a number of professional looking invoice templates
  • View which invoices are outstanding to track who owes you money
  • Get paid faster by adding the Sage Pay 'Pay Now' button to the invoices you email

Manage your VAT

  • Sage One & Xero automatically calculates the VAT on transactions
  • You can easily produce a VAT return – automatically calculated by Sage One
  • Supports Standard VAT, VAT Cash Accounting, and Flat Rate VAT schemes
  • Complete your VAT returns in four easy steps
  • Automatically calculate VAT returns
  • Submit VAT returns direct to HMRC online

Cash flow management

  • Share your accounts information electronically with your cloud based accountant
  • Keep track of money going in and out of your business
  • Record till takings, cash, card and cheque receipts
  • Easily view your credit position
  • Prepare accounts for financial year end
  • Keep your bank records up to date with bank reconciliation and e-banking

Reporting that's right for you

  • Produce financial reports in an easy to understand format
  • Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Trial Balance and more
  • Track who owes you money with the outstanding sales invoices report
  • View who you owe money to using the outstanding purchase invoice report
  • Download all reports to easily share with your accountant
  • Drill down on specific figures on reports to understand how they're calculated

Getting started

  • It's easy to get up and running immediately
  • Use the wizard to enter opening balances
  • Import customer and supplier details
  • Import your products and services
  • Technical support by telephone and email
  • Visit the online Help Centre for help articles and videos

Work when and where you want

  • Access your accounts from a Mac, PC, Laptop, iPad or nearly any internet enabled device
  • Collaborate with your Cloud Based Accountant in real time from different locations
  • No need to back up your data as we take care of that for you, just sign in and it’s there!
  • There's never anything to download or install
  • Being online means Sage One is always up to date with features and legislation at no extra cost
  • Integrate with Sage One Payroll (payroll services can be added to your package) and remove the need for duplicating work

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“Process a simple & secure payroll ”

What you get with Cloud Based Payroll:

Process your payroll in four steps

  • Process pay runs for: Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly and Monthly paid employees in 4 easy steps
  • Set up payments and deductions to suit the specific needs of your business and employees
  • Set up weekly and monthly pay date calendars to ensure that your employees are paid at the right time
  • Record sicknesses, holidays and other absences. Sage One Payroll is fully compliant with HMRC's rules on statutory absences and statutory payments
  • Record the employee's current payments and deductions, including pension contributions, student loan amounts, and attachments of earnings
  • Print payslips and payroll reports
  • Review the pay trends graph to see how payroll varies from pay run to pay run

Easily make corrections

  • Review previous pay runs and re-print payslips and reports
  • Easily make corrections to pay details without having to re-process pay runs. Removing the need to duplicate work already done!
  • When you make an adjustment to a previous pay run, Sage One Payroll automatically updates all subsequent pay runs so you don't have to
  • Any necessary correction to the employee's pay arising from the adjustments is made in the current pay run in the form of an additional payment or deduction, which the employee will see in his/her payslip

Manage the payroll of up to 15 employees

  • You can use Sage One Payroll for up to 15 employees depending on the needs of your business
  • Setting up employees is easy. Sage One Payroll will tell you exactly what information you need to enter
  • You can assign 'working patterns' to employees so that those who do not work the common Monday-Friday working week are accommodated
  • Whatever the pay period, you can process pay quickly and pain free
  • Make statutory online submissions to HMRC for starters and leavers. The online submission wizards guide you through this process step by step

Seamless Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate with Sage One Cashbook or Sage One Accounts to post your payroll runs into your accounts data.
  • This saves you from duplicating the work you've already done as the data is posted into your accounts automatically
  • There's no setup required and nothing to install
  • You can also collaborate with your accountant, online and in real time
  • Accountant Edition gives your accountant the ability to access your data at any time. So, if you prefer it, Cloud Based Accounting can submit your reports to HMRC or make corrections
  • PAYE and Real Time Information
  • Run reports to check the history of each employee's pay before submitting your information to HMRC
  • Submit online, direct to HMRC quickly, easily and pain free
  • For those already registered for Real Time Information (RTI) you can submit your Full Payment Submission (FPS) to HMRC each time you pay an employee
  • Submit an Employers Payment Summary (EPS) to inform HMRC of any adjustments to your PAYE / NIC liability
  • Get access to our guides and whitepapers to help you prepare for the move to RTI submissions
  • Comply with legislation for PAYE and RTI and the latest tax year regulations without the need to install anything. We'll take care of all your updates for you


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Free 30 Day Trial

We are so confident that you will love Cloud Based Accounting, we want to offer you a 30 day free trial. If you are not happy with our service, or Sage/ Xero’s cloud based software, we will be happy to cancel your contract - no quibbles!

You will be asked to pay after the 30 day free trial is complete.

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